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Our Mission

Sisters of The Sacred Rose's Mission is to help women and men uncover and heal from trauma, reclaim their most authentic self, find their calling and live a life of FREEDOM!

Dedicated Spiritual Space

Sisters of the Sacred Rose is a dedicated Spiritual Space offering the combined Wisdom and Hearts of Jeannine Wand and Hillary Foster. Jeannine initially formed Temple of the Sacred Rose in 2016. Then in 2021 Hillary and Jeannine joined forces to expand their work together as they entered into partnership both in Ministry and in Life. From this Sisters of the Sacred Rose was birthed.

Theirs is a tale of beautiful friendships and fervent Love. Together they hold a Sacred Channel of Mediumship as High Priestesses of the Rose Lineage. The Ancient Rose Lineage is the Divine Channel of the Christas and Christos. The Christ Consciousness coming through from Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. To experience and to witness the beauty of their energy as their channels open to this profound lineage, is nothing short of miraculous! As Beings from the Higher Astral realms work with them and through them.

Hillary and Jeannine bring together their unique skills, personalities and Love into their ministry and work together.

We invite you into Sacred Sisterhood with us at Sisters of the Sacred Rose

You are NOT alone in this! We invite you into Sacred Sisterhood with us at Sisters of the Sacred Rose. We value community and honor each and everyone that trusts us with the depths of their soul.  While we offer information and teach from the well of wisdom that we hold. We believe there is no Spiritual Hierarchy and we can all learn from each other.

"I've been preparing for ministry my whole life! The Temple of The Sacred Rose and now Sisters of The Sacred Rose have been 40 years in the making!"


Jeannine Wand is a Gifted Medicine Woman, Powerful Medium and a 5th Generation Spiritual Healer. Having tapped into the Ancient Traditions of Ancestral Wisdom and Healing working with Sacred Plants. Jeannine spent a great majority of her early life in the church. She began to watch the unfolding of her spiritual gifts and deeper connections to her Ancestral Lineage in her teens and even more in her late twenties. When she discovered her gifts as a Medium and Healer. Jeannine is able to travel in the Astral Realms in order to help facilitate deep healing journeys for her clients. Having experienced her own deep healing from physical, emotional and sexual abuse she now works with others to clear trauma from the Ancestral Root and the Physical Body.  

Jeannine is a Living Oracle. A walking fountain of wisdom waiting to share with ALL those who cross her path. Use this space to add more details about your site, a customer quote, or to talk about important news.

Hillary Foster has been a Licensed Psychotherapist for over 20 years helping her clients to live their best lives.  During this time she began her own awakening process and discovered the depths of her own story around trauma where she uncovered new modalities of healing. As her work continued to unfold in the Therapeutic world so did her work in the Spiritual Realms. Hillary realized there was much more to our lives beyond what psychology could tell us and teach us alone. She tapped into her own innate wisdom which has allowed her to expand into working as a Medicine Woman and Medium. Hillary has become a guiding presence as an Advocate for healing with Sacred Plant medicines for all. She believes it is crucial that there are Safe Spaces for the BIPOC community to have access to these modalities. Hillary understands the importance of healing Black bodies. "When you heal a Black Woman we all heal."

Opening fully to my own gifts in this realm have has allowed me to do deeper work with each individual as they seek a greater understanding of their True Self!"


Hillary and Jeannine offer people private 1:1 sessions as well as small group work with Sacred Plants, Sound Healing, Channel Healing and Hands on Anointing.

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